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Triton Metals, Inc. is a highly automated, fully integrated ISO 9001:2008 Certified machining and manufacturing facility located in Southern Maryland. When you combine our overwhelming passion for manufacturing with our love of boats and boating, you will find no company offers the service, dedication, or quality to the marine industry like Triton Metals.

Whether you are a weekend cruiser, tournament fisherman, or global traveler, we understand your boat is not only "your pride and joy", but that your family’s life can depend on the products you choose. Our strict manufacturing processes and quality control insures that not only will you have functional, durable products, but they will look good for years to come.


THE TRUE SPORT FISHERMEN: The desire and drive to hunt the elusive Pelagic fishes that roam the world's oceans is what drive us to be sport fisherman. The camaraderie we share as Captains, Mates, and Anglers is World Class in itself and is unparalleled in any fishery. From the Ferrari like high performance boats we choose, down to the bait we rig on a daily basis it takes shear dedication from the owners and crew and is truly known by few. "Where we come from, everyday is tournament day."

Our dedication and love of the sport fishing industry is what's driving our desire to be involved in the boat building industry. For years we have built parts for some of the finest builders on the planet and now we are racheting up our dedication to serve the industry. We are launching a Marine division dedicated to the sport and look forward to the industry challenges.

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