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As a defense manufacturer, Triton Metals, Inc., takes pride and confidence in their ability to produce world-class, affordable defense solutions. Developing specific technologies based on customer expectations and our commitment to deliver in a timely manner has been the key to our success. As the DoD and Homeland Security strives to mature their defense solutions, Triton Metals, Inc., continues to develop new technologies and processes within the means of these expectations.

Triton Metals, Inc. designed and developed an Egress Window for MRAP vehicles such as the Buffalo. Egress Defense Solutions such as armored window frames are manufactured using clear armorment and assembled directly in-house. The windows are built and utilized in defense vehicles during warfare. These windows offer the military and their affiliates an enormous amount of safety as well as a speedy escape in the case of an emergency.

Triton Metals, Inc. has partnered with HazTrain to manufacture armored kits for civilian vehicles. HazTrain developed a modular field-installable vehicle armoring kit to protect occupants from small arms fire. These field deployable kits are concealable, easy to install (less than two hours), and leave minimal visible marking to the vehicle. Triton Metals, Inc. supplies all the glass and metal components for this kit.

ATR (Advance Technology Research) has partnered with Triton on a Maryland Energy Grant to provide solar tracking units to supply alternative. These units produce 30% more energy daily than any other solar unit in the world. We are proud to say we had a hand in with the development of this product.

We have produced grease boxes as well as 3 compartment sinks for Sotera, formally known as GTEC and Global. The sinks are installed into Expeditionary Field Kitchens, or EFK’s. There has also been talk of another round of ETS units coming our way; ETS’ (or Expeditionary Tricon Systems) which are complete, self-contained expeditionary base camp systems that provide billeting, feeding and hygiene services as well as tactical water purification and reuse systems. These units are self-sufficient and have a low environmental footprint.



"I just wanted to thank you again for taking on all the "urgent" stuff I sent you last week.  Your company has really come through for us with all the urgent stuff we have had lately.

Christina Knull
BAE Systems Technology Solutions and Services

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