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At Triton, we understand how critical the joining process is in producing high quality fabricated components.  We understand that techniques must be used to maintain the critical dimensions of welded components and to prevent distortion in the end product.

Robotic Welding Cells:
Robotic welding cells are ideal for both small and large run projects. Fronius and Lincoln power supplies are capable of welding aluminum, stainless and all other steels at very high tolerances and reparability.  They utilize innovative modular fixturing that can be used repeatedly to produce uniform products and achieve a high manufacturing throughput.

Manual Welding machines:
We use Miller and Esab welding equipment for our mig, tig and pulse welding, which are known for high quality and reliability.  We have 23 manual welders in our facility, which ensure that our skilled welders have the equipment they need to provide constant power and filler wire to ensure that penetration is achieved on all manual welds. Manual welding operations are required to tack weld assemblies prior to welding on the robotic welding equipment. Depending on the project, some welds must be performed manually to achieve flatness without distortion. Because of our extensive experience, Triton knows which welds are critical, and through our prior programs we have refined our techniques to achieve optimum results.

Build ProModular Welding Systems:
This equipment provides an innovative approach to fixturing weldments prior to manual welding. Some benefits of this modular approach are that no special fixtures are required, and the operator does not have to spend time setting up special fixtures. The modular design of the BuildPro™ welding table and accessories give Triton the flexibility to efficiently handle a large variety of weldments, ranging from simple to complex.  Triton owns eight Build Pro systems, which allows us to maintain a high capacity in our welding department.




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