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Global Finishing Powder Coating Booths:
Triton has capabilities to apply a variety of finishes on the components we build. Our powder coating equipment enables us to provide a uniform distribution and thickness for our finishes. Triton is capable of performing this process in accordance with MIL-DTL-53072 (military specifications), thereby ensuring that all items are properly cleaned using a phosphate wash, baked before coating to remove oils and contaminants, primed and coated.  Triton uses a wide variety of powder coat vendors for any particular application our customers need to finish their precision parts.  If the customer does not specify a specific powder coat, Triton’s experienced finishing employees can recommend a durable powder for the customer’s application. In addition to powder coating, Triton is capable of providing painted finish.  Our paint booth can accept items up to 24 feet long and three ovens are available at our facility.

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