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The vast majority of fabricated parts begin production in the cutting stage where raw materials are brought in and cut to the appropriate dimensions for production.  Depending on the type of product being fabricated, various types of cutting equipment will be used.  Some of our cutting equipment and capabilities are detailed below.

Bystronic 4000 kw CNC Laser Cutters:
With Triton’s Bystronic Bysoft nesting software packages and the ability to hold very tight tolerances, our lasers are well aligned for the materials. These powerful, high-speed cutters are capable of cutting 480 sheets of material in one shift with unattended “lights out” cutting via our unmanned material load/unload system.  This feature allows us to operate the equipment unmanned after normal operating hours.  

Omax 80X Enduromax P4060V Water Jet:  
We use Omax water jets for cutting materials up to 10 inches thick and with dimensions of up to 6’ x 12’. We use this equipment to cut a variety of materials, from   `various metals to rubbers and foams. The Omax water jets perform these tasks rapidly and ensure that required tolerances are held. 

Marvel CNC Saw:
Programs requiring extensive cutting of tubing and angle stock will frequently be processed through our CNC sawing equipment.  This machinery is capable of automated material feeding and unloading for reduced labor time and rapid output. It is programmable and capable of easily achieving tolerances of +/- .005” or better.

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