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Triton Metals, Inc. manufactures various metal products and components that are purchased and distributed throughout their industry. Many of these parts are then retailed under the purchasing company. Triton Metals, Inc. has partnered with some of the largest manufacturing companies to build and distribute products used in well-known businesses throughout the world.

A few products from our commercial line consist of power control cabinets and the metal components for spiral conveyor systems. The Power Control Cabinets maximize the useable floor space by using smaller multi-cabinet units in businesses such as Home Depot.

The spiral conveyor components produced for Ryson International. Ryson International is one of the world’s leading suppliers of spiral conveyors and vertical conveying solutions. Ryson Spiral Conveyors need less floor space than conventional conveyors and are faster and more reliable than any elevator or lift. This high throughput vertical conveyor has a small footprint and only uses one dive motor. Ryson Spirals are pre-tested and ship in one piece, making them simple to install. Ryson is the number one spiral manufacturer in the USA. For application assistance or more information, visit


"You and your guys do beautiful work!"                           

Micheline Diakité
LEED Accredited Professional
Clark Construction Group, LLC


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